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The colored class and function names are links will lead you to an individual class, function, or macro. They are the key to finding what an item does, and about its parameters, template parameters, pre and post conditions, and what they return.

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Having found a class like negatable, use the find key to search for a specific function or value. For example, using the index to search for value_type will lead you to the (long) page of class template negatable, so then search for value_type and click on the link to get the detail. This is much quicker than simply scrolling.

The information given is derived from Doxygen-syntax comments in the include files, mainly root_ptr.hpp.


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These blocks typically go into more detail about an explanation given above.

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These blocks contain information that you may find helpful while coding.

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These contain information that is imperative to understanding a concept. Failure to follow suggestions in these blocks will probably result in undesired behavior. Read all of these you find.

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It is wise that you follow these. Failure to do so will lead to incorrect, and very likely undesired, results.

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